Saturday, January 24, 2015

How to make a doll grandfather clock

 I cut at least two pieces of cardboard out for every fitting part so that it would be sturdy enough for a little girl to play with. Here is the back of the neck of the clock with the two sides.
Glued those together with a base.

I glued together a box of cardboard with a recessed front for the clock face.

Added some curves for the top.

Covered the curves with some cereal box paper board.

Then cut a small wooden dowel the appropriate size to fit inside the clock neck and rolled some paper in a tube around it and glued the paper roll shut.

I glued 3 tooth picks together with a bead glued to the bottom and the rolled paper tube glued to the top.

I painted the pendulum gold, slipped the wooden dowel through the rolled paper tube, and glued the dowel inside the neck of the clock.

Then I covered all of the exposed cardboard corrugations up with paper board.
I cut some clear packaging into a rectangle and stapled strips of paper board onto it.

I covered the staples with more strips of cardboard and glued it on to the front of the clock to resemble glass. I also glued the clock box on top of the pendulum box. Tip it back and forth and the pendulum actually swings!

Paint it. Print off a clock face from a Google image search, decopage the clock face to the cardboard and there you go, another trash to treasure for your doll house.

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